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Bring Your Own Device 10 Commandments

Ten Commandments of BYOD
Bring Your Own Device is here to stay. Don't be a lamb led to the slaughter,
instead lead your users to the promised land of mobile device management.
Thou Shalt Allow BYOD
The rapid proliferation of mobile devices entering the workplace feels like divine intervention to many IT leaders. It's as if a voice boomed down from the mountain ordering all of the employees you support to procure as many devices as possible and connect them to corporate services en masse. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) was born and employees followed with fervor.
The Ten Commandments of BYOD
Create Thy Policy Before Procuring Technology
Seek the Flocks' Devices
Enrollment Shall Be Simple
Thou Shalt Configure Devices Over the Air
Thy Users Demand Self-Service
Hold Sacred Personal Information
Part the Seas of Corporate and Personal Data
Manage Thy Data Usage
Monitor Thy Flock—Herd Automatically
Drink from the Fountain of ROI
1. Create Thy Policy Before Procuring Technology
Like any other IT project, policy must precede technology—yes, even in the cloud. To effectively leverage mobile device management (MDM) technology for employee owned devices, you still need to decide on policies. These policies affect more than just IT; they have implications for HR, legal, and security—any part of the business that uses mobile devices in the name of productivity.
Since all lines of business are affected by BYOD policy, it can't be created in an IT vacuum. With the diverse needs of users, IT must ensure they are all part of policy creation.
2. Seek the Flock's Devices
Imagine this. You start using an MDM solution under the assumption your company is supporting 100 or so devices. You've kept a meticulous spreadsheet of device types and users—there shouldn't be any surprises. But when you first go to view reporting, over 200 devices appear. This scenario is fact, not fiction. It occurs far more often than you would think.
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